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Cheque Printing Software


The CHEQ-IT Cheque Printing Software meets the compliance requirements for the Canadian Payments Association Standard 006: Specifications for Imageable MICR-Encoded Payment Items.

Our Cheque Printing Software lets clients operate their own systems to efficiently and cost-effectively pay suppliers and employees using multiple bank accounts and automated cheque signing protocols.

CHEQ-IT Cheque Printing Software interfaces with the accounting applications from:

• CS Explorer
• P2 Energy Systems
• Ideas International
• JV Nexus
• Envision Systems
• QByte
• JD Edwards
• Quickbooks
• Simply Accounting

Other cheque writing software from leading accounts payable systems typically have two shortcomings:

• Expensive pre-printed cheques are required
• Different cheques are required for every bank account that a company uses

This creates two disadvantages:

• An inventory of cheques must be kept for each bank account
• Every time cheques are printed on a different bank account, the appropriate cheques must be loaded into the printer.

The CHEQ-IT system overcomes both these weaknesses by using a combination of blank cheque stock and MICR toner.

In addition to overcoming these issues with traditional accounts payable systems, CHEQ-IT offers several other benefits.

Multiple cheque signing protocols

The CHEQ-IT system allows you to define your cheque signing protocols
You can ask CHEQ-IT to automatically place different signatures on cheques
Assign different combinations of signatures for different cheque values
Require different security clearances to print cheques of different values.
You can even tell CHEQ-IT not to sign cheques over a certain value so that they must be scrutinized and signed by a real person.

Audit reports

CHEQ-IT provides daily log reports for audit and control purposes.

Cost savings

Using CHEQ-IT’s blank cheque stock avoids the necessity to have a variety of cheques on hand, and the potential waste and expense of destroying a stockpile of pre-printed cheques if you change your bank account or address.