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Cheque Printing Software


The CHEQ-IT Cheque Printing Software meets the compliance requirements for the Canadian Payments Association Standard 006: Specifications for Imageable MICR-Encoded Payment Items.

Our Cheque Printing Software lets clients operate their own systems to efficiently and cost-effectively pay suppliers and employees using multiple bank accounts and automated cheque signing protocols.

CHEQ-IT Cheque Printing Software interfaces with the accounting applications from:

• P2 Systems – formerly Qbyte

• CS Explorer
• Ideas International
• JV Nexus
• Envision Systems
• QByte
• JD Edwards

• Quickbooks
• SAGE Accounting (formerly Simply Accountingimply Accounting

Other cheque writing software from leading accounts payable systems typically have two shortcomings:

• Expensive pre-printed cheques are required
• Different cheques are required for every bank account that a company uses

This creates two disadvantages:

• An inventory of cheques must be kept for each bank account
• Every time cheques are printed on a different bank account, the appropriate cheques must be loaded into the printer.

The CHEQ-IT system overcomes both these weaknesses by using a combination of blank cheque stock and MICR toner.

In addition to overcoming these issues with traditional accounts payable systems, CHEQ-IT offers several other benefits.

Multiple cheque signing protocols

The CHEQ-IT system allows you to define your cheque signing protocols
You can ask CHEQ-IT to automatically place different signatures on cheques
Assign different combinations of signatures for different cheque values
Require different security clearances to print cheques of different values.
You can even tell CHEQ-IT not to sign cheques over a certain value so that they must be scrutinized and signed by a real person.

Audit reports

CHEQ-IT provides daily log reports for audit and control purposes.

Cost savings

Using CHEQ-IT’s blank cheque stock avoids the necessity to have a variety of cheques on hand, and the potential waste and expense of destroying a stockpile of pre-printed cheques if you change your bank account or address.


Here is how simple our system is:


1.Client will generate a file in Qbyte that will have a name similar to payr052.xxxx.dat

Save that file into the input folder             C:\cheqit735\input


2. Open CHEQ-IT

Click on $$ button

Select applicable Account that the Batch will be processed through.


3.Click on the Load Button

A system prompt will appear indicating:

This batch will be flagged xxx                   Record number if part of the processing procedure


Browse to the Input folder to locate applicable Batch File


Click on the Batch File to be selected



The system will cycle through the transactions in the batch.  When this completes  a summary will pop up detailing the number of Cheques, the range of cheque numbers, and the total value of the cheques.

NOTE: make sure these details match the Batch Summary Report generated from Qbyte, if not, then select a different “dat” file.


4. Click on the Print button

Select the Printer from the drop down Menu – CHEQ-IT sets this as your default Cheque printer for future reference.

The system will cycle through the Cheques in the DAT file, then start printing.


5. Click on the Report button

Select the Printer from the drop down

A Summary Report will be run for detailing the cheques included in the Batch.